Can I use my own skates?

Skaters are welcome to bring their own skates, noting this will not alter the price of your ticket. Speed Skates are not permitted on the ice, and organisers reserve the right not to allow a person to use their own skates if they decide that they are not suitable. We do not sharpen personal ice skates.

Is there a minimum age or height required to skate?

For safety reasons, all children between the ages of 4-12 must be accompanied by a skater who is 13 years old or over. There is no height restriction to skate, however, we recommend hiring a skate aid for children to help them find their feet on the ice. For more information about hiring skate aids, please visit our Ice Skating Aids.

Ice Skating Aids

What are the ice skate sizes available?

The ice skates we have available range from children’s size 8 (EU25) to adults size 15 (EU52).